Seniors and caregivers deserve better

Petition: Support our elderly in long-term care and seniors’ care homes

To: Minister of Health Patty Hajdu and Minister of Seniors Deb Schulte

Decades of funding cuts, privatization and weakened regulations have left seniors who live in long-term and assisted living seniors’ homes - and the people who work there - vulnerable. Outbreaks at seniors’ homes have been linked to the overwhelming majority of the COVID-19 deaths in Canada, with that number sadly expected to rise.

I call on the federal government to act urgently to ensure all seniors have the care they need by:

  • Working with provinces to bring all long-term care homes into public hands under the Canada Health Act.
  • Creating a coordinated seniors’ care strategy to be implemented in all provinces and territories that puts protections in place for seniors in these homes.
  • Ensuring all seniors’ care home workers have the support, tools and personal protective equipment they need to safely provide care.

People are always more important than profits. Caring for seniors and their caregivers is an essential part of our health care system that requires strong public oversight and funding. We can afford to treat them better.


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