Release the police accountability report: New Brunswick anti-fracking activists still waiting

During the anti-fracking protests in 2013, the RCMP surveilled, monitored, and harassed a number of activists for attempting to protect their water and homes from the toxic impacts of shale gas fracking.

Since then, real concerns have been raised about the propriety and legality of police and government actions taken against activists. Documents produced from surveillance programs demonstrate that the RCMP took great care to distinguish between “concerned citizens,” a term the RCMP largely used for white people of settler descent, and so-called “Indigenous extremists.” These documents further illustrate an inappropriate relationship between the RCMP and oil and gas companies wishing to operate in New Brunswick.

Affected citizens, some of them members of the Council of Canadians, submitted a complaint to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission in 2013 for the RCMP asking for an independent investigation of these actions. We know that this report is complete and in the possession of RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki but has yet to be released.

Please join us in calling on Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to ensure the report is finally released.

TO: Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety,
CC: Brenda Lucki, RCMP Commissioner,

Government of Canada
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