Thanks to the public pressure you helped apply, Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program has been saved!

On Wednesday, Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced the federal government will spend up to $15 million over four years to rescue the program that ensures millions of trees are planted every year.

Ottawa throws lifeline to 50 Million Tree Program cut by Ontario government, CBC News, June 5, 2019

As you may recall, Doug Ford and his government cut this program, along with many other important ones, in Ontario’s last budget.

Soon after the cut to the 50 Million Tree Program was announced, the Council of Canadians jumped into action, launching the petition you and more than 12,000 other people signed to make the case that trees are essential to fighting climate change. With historic flooding, wildfires and increasing climate change impacts, scientists say we only have 11 years left to make significant changes to save our planet.

Trees are a natural part of that solution. Trees keep carbon out of the atmosphere, expand our forest cover, and help prevent floods. We need more trees in Ontario and across the country – not fewer.

Thank you for taking action and helping to bring public attention to this issue.



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