Premier Ford: Keep Hydro Public

The Ontario government is privatizing our publicly-owned electricity utility, Hydro One. This will raise our electricity prices and reduce ongoing government revenues in exchange for a one-time windfall.

Premier Ford is selling the goose that lays the golden egg.

An Ontario poll found more than 80 per cent of Ontarians disapprove of selling the majority of Hydro One to the private sector. Seventy-six per cent believe that privatization will increase electricity prices.

The Ontario government has already sold 15 per cent of Hydro One, but it’s not too late. Call on the Ontario government to reverse these plans and to commit to electricity and water as public services.

Please take a moment to tell Premier Ford that you want to keep hydro public!

Corporate interests have long wanted to get their hands on our public utility for a long time. The Harris government also tried to privatize Hydro One, but was stopped in the courts. Premier Ford’s government is trying to achieve the same goal by changing the laws that prevent the sale. Additionally, she plans to cut much of the public oversight of the utility.

Hydro One belongs to all Ontarians. Selling this profitable company is like burning the furniture to heat the house. Tell Premier Ford to keep hydro public!

TO: Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario,
CC: Andrea Horwath, Ontario NDP leader,
      Mike Schreiner, Ontario Green Party leader,

Legislative Assembly of Ontario
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