Don't FRACK Ontario!
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The Ontario government has made changes to the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act that open the door to fracking in Ontario.

Dianne Saxe, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, has studied the changes and says they are broad enough to be used to authorize fracking. She suggested the government make a simple addition to the text, specifying that the changes do not allow for fracking. The former Wynne government refused and passed Bill 127 without the suggested amendment.

Fracking uses and contaminates massive amounts of water. It produces greenhouse gas emissions, has been proven to have serious impacts on human health and wildlife, and threatens drinking water supplies.

There are shale gas reserves in southern Ontario where Great Lakes communities have experienced severe drought in recent years. Allowing fracking will put an even greater strain on groundwater sources in Ontario that are already overexploited and vulnerable due to industry and climate change.

Send your letter today and tell the Ontario government to ban fracking in Ontario before any companies apply to frack under the new regulations.

TO: Premier Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario
CC: Hon. Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines
Hon. John Fraser, Interim Ontario Liberal Party Leader

Legislative Assembly of Ontario
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