Stop Nestlé’s water takings in B.C.

TO: John Horgan, Premier of B.C.

CC: Andrew Weaver, Leader of the Green Party of British Columbia
George Heyman, B.C. Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

Government of British Columbia
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Nestlé’s operations in British Columbia have stirred up opposition from communities trying to protect their water. Despite recent periods of drought in B.C., Nestlé continues to extract 300 million litres every year from a well in Hope, located in Sto:lo Territory. The well connects to an aquifer that approximately 6,000 nearby residents in Hope rely on. B.C.’s Water Sustainability Act does not allow local communities to protect their water supplies from bottled water companies.

Nestlé and other bottled water companies take water from local watersheds and export and sell it for huge profits.

Climate change means more droughts and less recharge of groundwater. Communities could face “water wars” with industry giants in the near future as droughts and extreme weather become more frequent.

Take action! Tell Premier John Horgan that British Columbia needs to phase out Nestlé and bottled water takings. Together we can – and must – protect water for now and the future.


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