Sign the pledge to stop Line 3!

Stop Line 3!

After years of Indigenous-led opposition, the Minnesota government recently approved construction of the Line 3 pipeline. If built, Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline project would carry up to 915,000 barrels a day of tar sands crude across the prairies from Edmonton, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin. Enbridge says this is a “replacement” of its existing Line 3 pipeline, but the new project has a larger capacity, travels a different path for most of its route through Minnesota, and doesn’t include a commitment to remove the existing, decaying pipe from the ground. It’s Enbridge’s most expensive project ever.

Pipelines like Line 3 will mean even more pollution and water contamination in Alberta’s tar sands, which are already having devastating impacts on downstream First Nation communities. Extracting bitumen from the tar sands will also make it impossible for Canada to meet its climate targets.

Sign the pledge to stop Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline!

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Background information

Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline doesn’t always get the same attention as the Keystone XL or Trans Mountain pipelines, but it’s just as big a threat to the climate, land, and water.

Canada’s National Energy Board and the Trudeau government approved Line 3 in 2016, but an Indigenous-led coalition of opposition in Minnesota has stopped it from getting any further – until now. The Minnesota State government approved the project in July and now the movement against Line 3 needs help more than ever.

Indigenous water protectors and their allies are doing everything they can to stop Line 3. Court challenges, the Spirit of the Buffalo Camp in Manitoba, the Makwa Initiative in Minnesota, making Line 3 an election issue, protests, and creative actions are all in the works and need your support.

When you pledge to stand up to stop Enbridge’s Line 3, you will be joining with people all along the pipeline route who are speaking out to stop this project.

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