Petition: Call on the federal government to take over Ontario's basic income pilot project

Save the basic income pilot project

Dear Prime Minister,

On July 31, Ontario’s Children, Community and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod announced the cancellation of a year-old pilot project that gives low-income people a guaranteed basic income. With about 6,000 participants in the Hamilton, Brant, Lindsay, and Thunder Bay areas, the pilot program promised participants a set annual income for three years, making it possible for them to move into better housing, enroll in school programs, support their families, and improve their health, nutrition, and community involvement.

I support the federal government assuming responsibility for this project and funding the remaining two years that were promised to the project’s participants. In addition to supporting the thousands of people involved in the program, this will allow the valuable research project to conclude as planned and for the results to be adequately studied.

Cutting this program two years early would pull the rug out from under thousands of people. I call on you and the federal government to make sure this doesn’t happen.


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