Canada needs a national action plan on water

Prime Minister Trudeau,

I am deeply troubled that debate on Bill C-69, a 400-page piece of legislation that makes sweeping changes to Canada’s water, energy and environmental laws, has been shut down four times. Included in the Bill is the new Canadian Navigable Waters Act, which still fails to protect waterways by exempting the impacts of powerlines and pipelines like the massive Kinder Morgan pipeline. The federal government has stated that the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which crosses 1,355 waterways, would have been approved under Bill C-69.
Despite promises to restore protections gutted by the former Harper government and implement modern safeguards, Bill C-69 does neither.
I urge you to scrap Bill C-69 and commit to developing a national action plan on water that would:

  • Create a Minister of Water position that would have the key role of advocating for the protection of water.
  • Include bold new water legislation that enshrines the UN human rights to water and sanitation and protects drinking water as well as water for ecosystems.
  • Respect that free, prior and informed consent must be obtained, as required by the federal government’s commitment to implement UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

A comprehensive federal plan for water is long overdue. I urge you to show the leadership that is needed to protect water for current and future generations by scrapping Bill C-69 and developing a national action plan on water.


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