If I had 2 billion dollars

#ifIhad2billiondollars ? (hint: I wouldn't give it to Kinder Morgan!)

Prime Minister Trudeau has announced the intention of the federal government to support and subsidize the Kinder Morgan export tar sands pipeline. We understand that Kinder Morgan is looking for up to $2 billion dollars.

It is outrageous that the federal government is proposing a bail out for a Texas-based pipeline company. This is a broken promise – Trudeau has stated clearly he would phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

$2 billion would go a long way to fixing the drinking water crisis on First Nations reserves. It could power hundreds of thousands of homes on renewable energy (which generates more jobs per dollar invested than fossil fuels).

$2 billion taxpayers dollars should not pay for a tar sands pipeline that violates Indigenous rights, threatens a diluted bitumen spill and is inconsistent with our commitments under the Paris climate agreement.

Let Trudeau know there are better ways to spend $2 billion than this Big Oil bailout.

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