Tell Trudeau to drop Chapter 11 in NAFTA!

NAFTA: People and the Planet before Profits banner

While the United States has demanded that the controversial Chapter 11 investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism be removed from NAFTA, the Trudeau government has made the counter-proposal that the U.S. could be allowed to 'opt out' of the provision while Canada and Mexico would sign a side agreement to remain under ISDS disciplines.

The Trudeau government made this proposal even though Canada is the most sued country under this provision, has already paid $220 million to transnational corporations that have sued for lost future profits, currently faces eight active claims that amount to close to half a billion dollars, and has spent $95 million in legal costs on these challenges heard in secret tribunals!

While the Council of Canadians opposes Chapter 11 because it is most commonly used by transnational corporations to challenge environmental laws and undermine the public interest, the Trump administration chauvinistically says that it doesn't like non-Americans on dispute panels being able to arbitrate on U.S. laws.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to immediately stop trying to preserve the democracy-destroying ISDS provision and instead support the public interest over the demands of transnational corporations.

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