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Many parts of southern Ontario and British Columbia have recently faced drought conditions. Yet Nestlé, a giant bottled water corporation, continues to pump millions of litres of water from watersheds in Wellington County, Ontario and Hope, British Columbia.

Nestlé pays virtually nothing for the water it pumps out of our communities and sells it back to us for huge profits. This must stop now!

Groundwater resources are finite. Droughts, climate change and over-extraction continue to impact our limited water sources. At this pace, communities will not have enough for their future needs.

Water is a human right, commons and a public trust, to be shared, protected, carefully managed and enjoyed by all who live around it – not a source of profit.

Let's stop Nestlé from profiting from water. Together, we can ensure our water is protected for generations to come.

Your donation immediately boosts the urgent campaign underway right now to:

  • Launch an urgent public awareness campaign to spread the word about Nestlé’s outrageous water grab and drive more people to join us in taking action.
  • Conduct an opinion poll to capture the public outrage and further strengthen our call for the government to take swift and meaningful action.
  • Expand our national Boycott Nestlé campaign in communities across Canada to further raise public pressure and political will.

Every dollar supports the broader call for new water laws across Canada that put community needs ahead of corporate profits.

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