On July 20, a pipeline ruptured and spilled up to 250,000 litres of toxic crude oil into the North Saskatchewan River – poisoning the source of drinking water for more than 50,000 people.

Sadly, this is just the latest example of how lakes and rivers across Canada are increasing at risk. The former Harper government left 99% of waterways unprotected under the Navigable Waters Protection Act and clawed back other freshwater protections.

The good news is, now we have a chance to fix this.

This fall, the Trudeau government is holding public consultations on new freshwater protections. But behind the scenes, Big Oil and mining are already lobbying our government hard to keep Harper’s watered-down laws in place.

So it’s critical that we come together now to send Mr. Trudeau a clear and powerful mandate from the people: It’s time to protect every lake, every river.

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